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Hurricane (15)


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Thursday 22 Nov 201814:00 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 2hr 3m

In the wake of a large number of recent films about both World Wars, director David Blair stands out by bringing an exciting and all-too-under told story to light -that of the Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain.

Having very recently seen their country crushed by Germany, many Polish pilots came to the UK with a burning desire for revenge, and a consequent lack of caution. This made them enormously successful in battle against the Luftwaffe, so much so that one of their squadrons -the 303- was one of the most successful in the entire effort, in terms of both destruction of the enemy and loss (or lack thereof) of their own men.

In the film, Iwan Rheon plays one of the squadron's most notable members, Jan Zumbach, who battles the patronisingly diminished expectations of the British officers and haunted memories of his now-fallen country and family, as well as finding love in a similarly underrated war office girl (Stefanie Martin).

While some may find the CG dogfights to be all too familiar by now, the film compensates with a gripping narrative that - since the pilots received little recognition after the war - needs to be remembered more than ever.

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