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Smallfoot (U)


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Saturday 17 Nov 201812:00 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 1hr 36m

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains there is a folklore whispered in hushed tones of a mythical ape-like being that walks upright and leaves footprints in the snow. That’s right, the illusive and legendary smallfoot!

In a flip-reversal, humans are the fabled beings whose existence is queried by a society of yetis living in an isolated community above the cloud line. Our hero ‘Migo’ (Channing Tatum) has an encounter with a paraglider (James Corden) who is almost immediately whisked away again on the wind. When Migo tries to tell the villagers of his experience he is shunned as a liar, so he sets out to find the human and prove his story.

A charming, exciting and visually thrilling tale enfolds, with jokes a-plenty and a stellar vocal cast including Dany De Vito and Odyssey favourite Zendaya (she once walked past the cinema and stopped to admire the building, the staff got really excited!).

Following in the footsteps of Happy Feet, Smallfoot in an animated film with a message behind the fun, that of tolerance and not fearing the unknown. It is both smart and thoroughly entertaining, which is no small feat!

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