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Tully (15)


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Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 1h 36m

Although billed as a ‘dark comedy’ “Tully” actually carries deeper messages concerning work-life balance, feminism and gender role stereo-typing, not to mention empathy (or lack thereof!).

Charlize Theron - a strong screen presence as always - plays Marlo, married to Drew (Ron Livingstone), already mother to 2 small children and with a third on its way.

She is grittily trying to live up to the (unrealistic) supermom ideal, juggling the various aspects of her life to impossibly high standards and understandably struggling. Her husband is nice enough but almost wilfully oblivious to the herculean demands draining his wife.

Into this domestic quagmire swoops charismatic night-nurse Tully (Mackenzie Davis), allowing Marlo to get some desperately-needed sleep and respite. After a predictably slow start the two women start to bond and Marlo begins to regain her life and vigour.

Writer Diablo Cody - she of “Juno” and “Young Adult” fame - says that “Tully” is meant to be ‘uncomfortable’ viewing and this fits well with that ‘dark comedy’ tag. Gender imbalance exacerbated by unfair expectations is not normally hilarious but its portrayal here is riveting.

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