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For Sama (S) (18)

For Sama (S)

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Tuesday 26 Nov 201919:30 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 1h 40min

A moving documentary that provides an exclusive insight into war-torn Syria from the perspective of a woman blessed and burdened with a love for her family and her country.

Through raw, diary-style footage, Waad al-Kataeb offers a first-hand account of the horrific reality civilians face in the heart of Aleppo. Spanning across five years, the documentary, which consists of recordings taken from her phone, develops from passive-aggressive protests to streets engulfed by bullets and bombs which make up the battleground of Aleppo in the Syrian Civil war.

Al-Kataeb uniquely depicts the transition of how the war has gradually infiltrated and destroyed the daily lives of Syrians. Yet with horror comes hope, and at the forefront is Al- Kataeb’s documentation of her own life, from falling in love with her husband, Dr. Hamza, to the birth of their child Sama.

The remarkable Al-Kataeb does not see herself as a filmmaker: her documentation seen as a necessity for evidence of the truth. Al-Kataeb’s collaboration with Emmy award winning film-maker Edward Watts (Escape from ISIS) offers a rare first-hand perspective of the Syrian War and the strength of its civilians.

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