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Don't Look Now (1973) (15)

Don't Look Now (1973)

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Sunday 18 Aug 201920:00 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 1h 45min

In tribute to Nicolas Roeg, the recently departed titan of British film – The Odyssey are showing his best-loved work; an insidious ghost story on loss, longing, and the afterlife.

Married couple John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) distance themselves from the loss of their young daughter by journeying to Venice, where John has work in church restoration.

Laura is met by a blind, apparently psychic woman who claims to see the Baxter’s child, happily watching over them. While Laura is happy to accept this miracle, John adopts a sceptical attitude. A series of odd happenings occur, and the repeated appearance of a small figure, lead him to believe that he, too, may be able to ‘see’ things.

Based on a Daphne du Maurier story, the film builds in terror not through melodrama or sudden shocks, but a carefully constructed atmosphere of dread and uncertainty. Set against a deserted, and claustrophobic background of Venice in winter, the film chills the viewer by leaving so much to the imagination, never fully revealing what could be in the world beyond - or the shadows of the city - until the very end.

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