Please note: General Release for December films will be on Saturday 25th November from 10.30am


Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions:

  • Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue and cannot be extended.
  • Gift Vouchers redeemed online will only process if the full amount is spent. To partially redeem a voucher, please call the box office
  • Gift Vouchers can be used as payment for cinema tickets both online and in person and refreshments sold in The Odyssey Cinema, St Albans.
  • When redeeming Gift Vouchers online, the £2 booking fee is required. Please call the box office to make your booking for a lesser charge (50p).
  • Please note: Prosecco vouchers bought before our bar prices increase in June will be graced for the lower amount until the end of September 2017.
  • Gift Vouchers bought online are e-Vouchers only. If you would prefer your voucher in a gift card and envelope please call the box office or visit us in person.
  • BOX OFFICE: 01727 453088

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